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CFUnit Primer [open]
This document will help you get started using CFUnit. Though it will not cover the full power of CFUnit, it will hopefully get you started and wet you appetite for more.
Running CFUnit in CFEclipse quick guide [open]
By: Andy Jarrett
An easy to follow user's guide on how to get the CFEclipse CFUnit view running.
CFC Stub Generator [open]
By: Brian Kotek
A great presentation on how to use Brian Kotek's CFC Stub Generator. The presentation is a great example of how to use UML, CFML, unit testing, ANT together. So its worth watching even if you don't intend to use his stub generator.
How to Use CFUnit-Ant [open]
CFUnit-Ant is an extention to the Apache Ant Java-based build tool. CFUnit-Ant can be used anyway the core Ant tool can, but this article will illustrate how to configure CFEclipse to automatically execute CFUnit-Ant builds upon saving a CFML resource.
CFUnit Template Testing [open]
In this document we will cover how you can perform CFUnit tests against CFML Templates (*.cfm files) and CF Modules.
How to test private methods [open]
Private methods that need to be test can be a problem in CFUnit. This Document covers a potential solution for this common problem.
Testing CFThrow [open]
Often a CFC will throw an error to signify particular events. This document will illustrate how to verify such a meesage is, or is not, thrown.
Outputting test performance [open]
This document will explain how you can output the execution time of your CFUnit tests.
Using the Eclipse Ant View [open]
Some help on using the Eclipse Ant View, and resolving a common taskdef class error.


Fusion Authority Online Magazine

Test Driven Development with ColdFusion Part I: An Introduction to Unit Testing [read article]
By: Robert Blackburn
Test Driven Development (TDD) is a methodology used to achieve this standard. In TDD the developer frequently runs "unit tests" to monitor his progress and uncover any newly-introduced bug.
Test Driven Development with ColdFusion Part II: Building Unit Tests with CFUnit [read article]
By: Robert Blackburn
In part one of this article, we explored the advantages of Test Driven Development (TDD) and unit testing your code. Hopefully you are convinced that unit testing can be an invaluable aspect of your development process. In this part of the article, we will look at how CFUnit can help you accomplish this.
Test Driven Development with ColdFusion Part III: Integrate your tests into CFEclipse using CFUnit-Ant [read article]
By: Robert Blackburn
In the previous two articles (Part I: An Introduction to Unit Testing and Part II: Building Unit Tests with CFUnit), we discussed the advantages of Test Driven Development (TDD) and unit testing your ColdFusion code, and how you can do it with CFUnit. In the third and final article in this series, we will look into how to make unit testing easier by integrating it into CFEclipse.
Test Driven Development and ColdFusion - From the Mouth of a .NET Developer! [read article]
By: Judith Dinowitz
Take one experienced .NET programmer who's familiar with the Test Driven Development methodology. Sit him down with ColdFusion for a few hours. Then have him prepare a presentation to a ColdFusion User Group on TDD with ColdFusion. Is this a good user group experience, or a recipe for disaster?